Honouring Individual Needs, The Potential for Eruptions and Being Fully Grounded in the Present to Partake of Life’s Gifts – October’s Full Moon.


At 02:22pm on Sunday 16th October (AEST) we have our Full Moon in Aries.

Aries is a sign that speaks strongly of the self and when we have an Aries Moon closely conjunct Uranus (also in Aries) think individuality, innovation and the courage to embrace your unique potential.

Be open to spontaneity, sudden insights, exciting revelations and the opportunity to step into your power and embrace who you truly are at a deep level.


Honouring Individual Needs Within Relationships

When the Aries Moon opposes the Sun in Libra, it is also important to consider how your personal needs are being met through your relationships.

Any issues around this theme are likely to be highlighted over the next few days so give voice to your wants and needs and allow yourself to feel heard.


 The Potential For Eruptions

Make sure that you’re talking things over with others, as the old ‘carpet- sweeping routine’ is likely to prove unsuccessful as a Mercury/Sun conjunction squaring a Mars/Pluto conjunction adds some powerful, impulsive and erratic energy to the mix.

As we build up to this Full Moon arguments, heated discussions, sudden bust ups and strong, impulsive reactions could be a big feature.


Possible Transformation and Resolution and the Need for Clarity

With Venus placed in Mars’ sign of Scorpio relationships have the potential for great transformation this month, but intense feelings and possible power struggles will likely have to be confronted first.

For some, the themes of sex, power and/or intimacy may be an important factor and psychic energy may well be heightened around this time.

With Neptune semi-square to the Moon, however it is important to get clear, as there may be some confusion surrounding an issue.


Luckily, with the Sun and Mercury in Libra and Mars currently in the sign of Capricorn, the option for diplomacy and a responsible way forward is there, but patience may be required.


The Importance of Remaining Grounded in Reality to Partake of Life’s Gifts

The Sabian Symbols** are promising fruition of dreams, but there is a reminder to stay grounded in reality and to remain present so that you may receive those gifts.

The Sun is sitting on Libra 24: “A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly” echoing the Libran theme of balance.

If we are not looking after our emotional needs we can reach burn out and that can lead to emotional eruptions.

What do you need to do to bring balance back into your life so that you feel centred again?

Are you honouring both the logical and mystical side of life?

There is also the point here of attempting to move on before fully acknowledging and taking care of the present.

Getting fully grounded in the now could awaken you to some beautiful realities.

The Sabian Symbol for the  Moon is Aries 24: “An Open Window And A Net Curtain Blowing Into The Shape Of A Cornucopia”, which reminds us that to manifest our dreams we have to physically take action.

This is also a reminder to call in the assistance of your spiritual guides (we all have them) to help you when you find the physical World difficult or tricky.

See the beauty and rewards with whatever is happening within your life right now.

The presence of many 2s in the exact time of this Full Moon (here in Brisbane) reminds us to keep tending to our dreams and visions and to keep the faith that they are all working out. Trust, Remain Positive and Believe***.

So, the trick over the next few days is:

  1. To listen to your deepest, innermost needs and to voice them well in advance.
  2. To ensure that others are aware of what is important to you and to not let things build up to such a point that you feel the only avenue available is to run or explode.
  3. To take care of yourself whilst also considering your impact upon others.
  4. To honour your deepest self – to nurture the I Am spirit inside and to acknowledge what you need along with your own innate personal power.
  5. To stay grounded in the present and reap the gifts of the everyday experience; deeply acknowledging where you are at and awakening to the knowledge that everything you need in every moment is right here with you.



* Chart Image from a collection within Solar Fire v7.3.1

** This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbols interpreted with the help of “The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom” by the wonderful Lynda Hill

***Angel Number Resource: http://www.angeltherapy.com/blog/what-does-222-mean

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