Tipping the Scales for Balance – New Moon in Libra October 2016


I love these New Moons that begin on the 1st of the Month.

They feel like a New New Moon.

New Moons bring us the opportunity for a new beginning and it’s a good idea to set an intention that you can focus on at or close to the time that the New Moon falls.

Writing intentions can be particularly powerful.

With this New Moon falling in Libra, relationships may be the focus for your intention this time around; be it your relationship with a significant other, your relationship with yourself or your relationship with the environment around you.


What is Within is Without

… so note what is being reflected back at you.

Self Awareness is the key to transformation.

Remember that some of our greatest growth comes from relationships, so if you’re meeting with challenge ask yourself honestly what you need to do to move through it.

Libra is a sign also associated with fairness and balance (as indicated by the scales) and with Jupiter shining right alongside this New Moon waving the flag for justice (and that relationship growth),  you may notice that you are being called upon to right the karmic balance within your life in some way this month.

If you’ve been mostly giving then you may find that the Universe wants you to receive a little more and, if you’ve been on the receiving end just lately, you may find that others call on you for help.

Balance can apply to anything including lopsided views and judgements and remember that your inner balance is vitally important, so make sure that you’re making the time for self care.

As well as being a significator for relationships, Venus-ruled Libra also represents beauty, harmony and peace, so contemplate how you can make more time for what you find beautiful and harmonious, as well as to cultivate your own beauty and inner peace.

Don’t you just feel like being more diplomatic, loving and elegant at the moment?

The Moon’s square to Pluto is pushing for you to transform something and her inconjunct with Neptune could mean letting go and surrendering to that process.

Saturn in Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) is harmoniously aspecting this New Moon and dispositing that strong Mars in Capricorn energy, so remaining grounded is likely to be the key to moving forward with your ambitions and growth.

A morning meditation ritual could be empowering and give that distracting Neptune energy something to do.

Neptune could also find you in a whimsical mood, perhaps wanting more romance, and if you’ve not been taking great care of your sleep needs, Neptune indicates that you may feel more tired than is usual at this New Moon.

Beware of Neptune’s tendency to have us playing the victim or to put people and things on pedestals. Letting go of ideals could be a feature.

Remember to look which house that 08degrees and 15 seconds falls at within your personal chart, as this is the hot spot. What are the themes for that house and do you have planets around those degrees that are also being activated by this New Moon?

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The New Moon will exact at 10:11am on Saturday 1st October here in Brisbane (AEST).

The appearance of the three 1s in that time are also a reminder to watch your words – what are you putting out there to be returned to you?


Ask and You Shall Receive.



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