Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse September 2016


This weekend brings with it our Full Moon in Pisces, which is also our final Eclipse of 2016.

Full Moons (when the Sun and Moon oppose one another in the sky) tend to illuminate our unconscious behaviours and this can be especially strong when the Full Moon is also an eclipse (like this one).

What’s coming up for you this week?

The Need for Compassion and Release

Pisces is a sign associated with letting go and surrender and this message is amplified with this eclipse being a South Node eclipse – what do you need to relinquish?

The build up to any Full Moon can see an increase in energy, but with sensitive Pisces; sign of compassion, finality and oneness in the hot seat and with this being a lunar eclipse, which can intensify our emotions, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed or even exhausted.

Sleep can bring healing so honour its need if you’re feeling this way and rest as much as you need.

Ocean swims or warm salt baths may alleviate any tension and help to put you back at ease once more.

Take the time to ponder and to check in with your feelings.

Writing them out may help.

Honour Your Feelings and Face Your Fears

Chiron in Pisces conjunct the Moon is further turning up our sensitivity right now and Saturn is also squaring the nodes pushing us to acknowledge any tendencies to depression or melancholy as well as giving us the impetus to further acheive our ambitions.

Our own fear can be the issue with keeping us stuck so if you’re being pushed in this way it may initially appear difficult or hard.

Remember that growth tends to come from meeting our fears head on and rising to challenges so keep the faith, take a deep breath and go for it.

We’re all in this together and I know that if I can do it – so can you!!

Is it Time to “Let Go and Let God”?

With this Full Moon forming a T Square with Mars, you may be getting the message that a tendency to want to control situations is getting you nowhere.

Is it time to let go a little?

With Mars also trine to Uranus, opening to faith and trust and the process of ‘letting go and letting God’ may bring surprising results this week.

Focus on Service Rather than Fear

Pisces can highlight feelings of victimisation, but with Mars disposited by Jupiter in Libra  perhaps frustrating personal situations can be alleviated by focussing your energy on what you can do for others instead.

This approach can also help to dissipate fear, as we take the focus off of our own performance and onto the service of others.

Watch your Words

With Mercury (still retrograde) making strong contact with this Full Moon along with Jupiter in Libra there may be lessons to be learnt around communication in relationships.

Perhaps you’re being shown a critical or harsh side of yourself that you haven’t noticed before or perhaps that contact to Mars is bringing up some anger that was previously suppressed?

Are you chasing perfectionism and holding back until things are just right?

Are you defeating yourself with negative self talk?

Really think about how you use your words this week.

Are they positive or are you keeping yourself locked in negative patterns by going into drama or using fear-based words?

Better to acknowledge such energy rather than to push it away, as suppressed energy tends to grow rampant.

Energy that we accept and own, however, tends to shrink in the light of acknowledgement.

What Opportunities/Possibilities are Arising – “As One Door Closes…”?

The Sabian Symbols are interesting for this Sun and Moon. The Moon is on Pisces 25: “The Purging Of The Priesthood” and The Sun is on Virgo 25: “A Flag at Half-Mast In Front Of A Public Building”.

Maybe something is passing away or coming to a close this week.

There may be the need to acknowledge what is passing from your life; a phase, a person or a group.

Perhaps it’s time to let go of an old way of being and to surrender to the moment – to the infinite possibilities that you can now create instead of remaining stuck in that fearful space.

The Moon’s opposition to Jupiter in Libra (also ruler of this Moon) is pushing us to consider how we may bring more balance and beauty into our lives and our relationships.

This connection may find some of us striving for greater freedom and we may be presented with opportunities that afford us greater growth so keep your eyes open and look for doors that close and doors that open.

Further Help

Remember to look at the houses that the Full Moon is highlighting within your personal chart for an indication of where this energy will be felt most strongly.

Also look for planets around 24 degrees to see if these are being triggered by this Lunar Eclipse.

You can obtain a free copy of your chart and a free copy of my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” here if you’d like further help with understanding the meaning of that house placement.

Eclipse energy tends to stay with us for 6 months depending on how strongly that it affects your personal chart.

If you’d like help with exploring and healing your emotions or with shifting a pattern that keeps appearing within your life you may wish to book in for a Bush Flower Essence Consultation with me.

Amp up the Beauty

With Venus in Libra being the final dispositor of this Full Moon you may like to purchase yourself some flowers this week or look at other ways that you can invite more beauty into your life.

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