The Final Hit of the Saturn/Neptune Square – Loss, Confusion and the Necessity of Letting Go

The Final Hit Of The Saturn_Neptune Square - PAID

On Saturday (September 10th 2016) Saturn and Neptune will make their final connection within our skies.

I know!! I feel like whipping out the bunting and throwing a street party too; albeit with a sombre face and a downcast and exhausted-looking group of guests!!

It’s been a difficult year.

I’m all for looking at the silver lining and the higher meaning and yes, we’ll get to that in a minute, but I must confess on a personal level that this year has really felt like a serious stick in the mud!

So, if you’ve had enough of feeling pessimistic, lost, miserable, uncertain, overwhelmed, insecure, glum or lacking in worthiness (and possibly finances) take heart – you’re certainly not alone.

We’re also knee deep in Eclipse Season  right now so emotions may be coming up for release as we come to the end of this transit.

It’s a good idea to honour those emotions; even if their presence confuses you.

Let them come.

Tears can bring healing.

With Mercury retrograde in our skies there may be a pull to the past or a longing for days long gone; perhaps even grief and, for me personally, there has definitely been a connection with something deep and possibly past-life related that has arisen into my awareness.

Bernadette Brady describes this particular group of eclipses as being: “about realism, a coming down to earth … a constructive time for tackling the truth” so it’s unlikely to be all parties and high-fives for a while yet, but realism is necessary.

Yes, I know, I want to stand in line chanting “Bring Back The Unicorns” too.

Too much reality really can feel bleak!!!, but remember it’s how we react to and deal with what is thrown at us that finally defines its affect on us.

The Saturn/Neptune square may have bought many of us face to face with previously unprocessed emotions; perhaps around lack or loss.

And, if you are someone that likes to feel that you are in complete control of your life, 2016 is likely to have shaken some of that belief.

Do you feel that the foundations of your life are shifting; like sand sifting through an hourglass as Old Father Time continues to tick?

The process of “letting go and letting God” along with simply surrendering to “what is” has been a necessity.

I chose to keep things simple this year and to take one day at a time; to connect with the present moment whenever I found myself down a deep hole.

In fact part of my lesson was in realising just how hard I can be on myself and how I really need to lighten up and open to some serious daily joy again!!

Yes, perhaps the silver lining of 2016 is to help us all to remember that life can be hard and it can be harder still if we choose to make it so on ourselves.

As a strongly Saturnian person, I am thankful to Neptune for loosening up a few of those Saturn reigns of control and austerity.

I’ve also been mindful of what has come up with regards to my emotional, psychological and physical health during this transit.

Feelings of shame, unworthiness, lack, depression, powerlessness (a bit of Mars retrograde thrown in there – let’s not forget that we’ve only just come through that one too!!), a re-visit from Psoriasis whilst I was undertaking a detox and an eye-opener to some base and sacral chakra issues that have been requiring my attention.

I have chosen to withdraw when needed, to seek healing and to be gentle and patient with myself.

I think it’s working and I have even found myself belly laughing again at the most simple things in life – hurrah!!

Who doesn’t love a good belly laugh?

There is still work to be done – we can thank Saturn for that, but without that work, what would go unseen within our foundations?

How much greater would the damage be if we carried on unaware and did not periodically meet with years like this?

I’ve also learnt how resilient I can be and how I can still play the victim card when that resilience starts to meet (what I feel is) its full quota.

In all, I believe that 2016 has humbled me (not in a debasing nor degrading way), but in the positive sense and that is something to bow down to Lord Saturn for.

So of course, the silver lining is the blessing of insight into where you have been blissfully avoiding the truth of your reality.

Some of that insight may be a hard pill to swallow, but some of it may have come in surprising (and even joyful) realisations.

The question now is: “What are you going to do about it?”

The final square of Saturn and Neptune will take place at 05:28pm 10th September 2016 (AEST), so expect the energy to gradually wane from this point onward.

Saturn will re-pass the point at which he previously turned retrograde (earlier in the year) on November 19th when something could come to fruition or to a close.

Neptune, still travelling “seemingly” backwards, will not clear his current retrograde cycle until mid-March 2017; passing the point of his final hit with Saturn late January 2017 and, after which, a new found clarity may present along with a potential re-emergence or a re-birth depending on the depth of healing that one has undertaken.

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