Do You Believe in Fairies?


Last week, I was delighted by this image of a fairy that appeared on my glass screen during my morning shower.

My first thought was that it was a Sylph (an invisible being of the Air element), but I was quickly corrected that he was a fairy.

I love that he appears to be wielding a sword of truth and light and his message appeared to be connected to my love of writing.

The written word is of course one way that we wield our truth and our light.

I also note that he appears to be wearing a boot on his foot; perhaps intimating the need to step into bigger boots?

Do you believe in fairies?

Although I was able to see spirit from a very young age, I don’t recall ever seeing a fairy until I reached my early thirties.

I used to lie in bed at night and watch them fly around my room. So delicate and so colourful; the most amazing, luminous colours.

We are blessed to be surrounded by a magical World of many unseen beings and those of us who are lucky to have experienced them are truly blessed.

Sadly, for many children visions of such creatures are suppressed early in childhood and many of us shut down our psychic abilities either because we are fearful of what we are seeing or because we learn early in life that to speak of their presence is to meet with resistance, doubt or even anger from those who do not have the eyes to see.

“Over-active Imagination”, “Something in your brain”, “You’re making it up”.

They’re not the most supportive messages to hear in childhood and sadly, they often lead to the child becoming quiet about something that they dearly wish to share with their loved ones.

Their loved ones of course, are often reacting from a place of fear.

If you’ve ever had the experience of seeing spirit, a passed over loved one, a being of the nature realm, a troll, a goblin, a portal or any of the other 100s of other energies that live in this World then believe me – you know that they are real.

There is no doubt.

And regardless of others’ opinions, you are lucky to have a window into that World.

You’re also never too old to further develop your ability to see (what is usually) the unseen, and the more you engage with your own intuitive and psychic development the stronger that ability gets.

So, if you’re looking to work that ability and you live on the Northside of Brisbane (or don’t mind travelling) you may want to check out Thr333fold.

Karen, who started Thr333fold has played a key part in my life; in that she taught me how to understand my own psychic abilities, lose the fear and how to develop and control it.

I love what both she and Misty are doing in their quest “to bring back as much magic into people’s life as we can”.

And in my opinion, there can never be enough magic 🙂

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