The Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 5 Now Available -> Virgo in the Chart

img_0625Hello Beautiful 😀

Here’s my 5th Video in the Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, which is the second video discussing the Virgo energy.

In today’s video we discuss some of the different ways that the Virgo energy can present through a person by looking at its placement in the different houses of the chart.

There are so many different ways that the different Zodiac energies can show up and it is, therefore, impossible to cover all variations, but hopefully you’ll find some of you in here.

*Note that I did say a couple of errors in today’s video (how very Mercury Retrograde of me 😉):

  • Virgo does not rule the Moon in Esoteric Astrology – The Moon rules Virgo in Esoteric Astrology 😉
  • The 6th House is the House of Sickness (Not Health), although Virgo is very aligned with healing and the Health Industry 😉


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