Mercury is Almost Retrograde – Is Life Slowing Around You?

Take the Time to Review, Rewrite and Reorganise your Daily PracticesEven though tomorrow is the big day (when Mercury will seemingly change direction) you may have begun to notice a slowing effect within your life.

That’s because Mercury is now moving extremely slowly.

I’ve spent the last few days feeling quite exhausted, have already witnessed 2 car accidents and, this morning, I was stuck in traffic on the school run due to some local road development ramping up.

The key to all of this is ‘to surrender’.

The Universe often works in this way when we are being asked to slow down.

Sending us such things as Illness, Rainy Days, Extreme Tiredness, Delays…

It also helps to remain ‘self aware’ as Mercury slows. 

Notice what is occurring around you and note your reactions. Are delays or other frustrations triggering you?

And, if so, are you going into judgement or are you taking responsibility?

Shouting and throwing hand gestures at your fellow drivers may feel good for all of 3 minutes, but is it really the answer?

Such a reaction may actually indicate a deeper issue – perhaps that you’re generally feeling stressed or over-burdened.

Can you take some time-out for rest or use this Mercury Retrograde period to rework your schedule?

Do you need to cultivate more tolerance and patience; perhaps needing to rephrase how you communicate with others?

Maybe greater organisation is needed in your daily routine to mitigate anxiety or panic attacks?

Try taking some ‘deep breaths’ and affirm: “I am always in the right place at the right time”.

Because Mercury Retrograde is synonymous with computer (communication device) glitches, it is recommended that you back up your computers and take good care of your phones during this time.

I backed mine up over the weekend.

Not because I believe that my PC is going to randomly start failing on me, but because Mercury’s retrograde journey forces us to look at what we haven’t been attending to.

This is the time to review, rewire, rethink and revise.

‘Check and Double-Check’ Everything – Appointments, Conversations, The Fine Print, Event Times/Schedules, Conversations …

‘Be Prepared to Take Detours’, as life may not go according to plan for the next few weeks and, with this retrograde falling in Virgo, health may require greater attention.

Could this be your chance for a re-tune or a detox?

Connecting with nature on a daily basis, meditating and an understanding of the bigger picture can all help you to stay centred now.

Above all, use this time wisely by being sure to factor in some time to revisit, revamp, reconnect, review, rectify and rework anything that you have been putting off and remember to be open to the deeper meaning of what Mercury’s messages are relaying to you.

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