Aquarius Full Moon – August 2016

Aquarius Full Moon August 2016 - PAIDOn Thursday we have our August Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius illuminating where you are at in relation to pouring forth your innate gifts to humanity.

In Leo, we connect with our core self, our innate creativity and self expression; our inner light/love essence.

In Aquarius we meet with society, our place as an individual within that society and our vision for the future.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is Aquarius 26: “A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer”.

This, along with Venus conjunct the North Node in Virgo, implies that whatever is coming up for you this week is an indication of what needs to be worked on at a personal level in order for you to be the best expression of self so that you can shine that out and offer it to mankind.

The inconjunct to Jupiter in Virgo reminds us that, although not always easy, growth is necessary if we are to make our vision a possibility.

With the ruler of this Full Moon (Saturn) in Sagittarius, conjunct Mars (also in Sagittarius) and squaring the Nodes, you are asked to further take action on building a future that is based on your inner truth.

Neptune’s conjunction with the South Node in Pisces asks that you be open to intuitive prompts between now and the 18th August that nudge you to consider what needs to be let go of and what still needs work in order for you to be true to your inner calling.

What are your unique gifts and how can you hone them so that you can lead others and effect social change or benefit humanity in some way?

Leo’s are generous with huge, loving hearts. How do you wish to share your affection with others?

With Uranus forming an easy opposition with this Full Moon be aware of the potential for heightened clairvoyance and look out for signs that may guide you to progressive or inventive solutions.

Remember to connect in with the intentions that you set at the Leo New Moon  on August 3rd.

How are those intentions being realised?

The lead up to any Full Moon tends to exacerbate issues; bringing them to the surface for your awareness and action.

Watch for what surfaces within your life between now and Thursday. What is trying to get your attention?

Now is a good time to contemplate/meditate on the following polarities in order to gauge where there may be an imbalance within your life:

  • I am (My Innate Core Self) / We are (Me as an Individual within Society)
  • Innate Creativity / Social Responsibility
  • The Desire to be Love and to be Seen / Feeling Alienated, Rejected
  • Self Realisation / View of Society
  • The Desire for Recognition / Emotional Detachment

For example:

  • Do you feel ‘Seen’ and that your unique gifts are visible/effective within the society that you live? If not, you may connect with feelings or powerlessness, low self-esteem or envy of others who are shining as individuals.
  • Are you courageous enough to stand in your truth in the face of society; happy to  express your core self to those around you? How do you perceive that this core self is met?
  • Are you accepting of the need for change or do you resist and cling to outmoded structures? Could excessive pride be playing a part?
  • How inclusive are you? Do you give others the chance to have their say or do you believe that your way/your beliefs are the only way forward?
  •  Are you socially responsible and a team player or excessively rebellious, thus running the risk of alienation?
  • Do you believe in free-speech, the right of the individual to live a free life in-keeping with their own beliefs or do you demand that others do things your way?

So, Where is this energy playing out within your life and what do you need to do or heal to bring these two energies back into balance?

The Moon will turn void of course after the Full Moon exacts marking a great time for such contemplation.

Where in your chart does this Full Moon fall? Which houses are being highlighted?

Look for 25 degrees and 51 seconds of Aquarius and 25 degrees and 51 seconds of Leo. Which areas of life (shown by the house) are being highlighted?

Also check for any planets falling around 25 degrees, as themes related to these planets may also be important.

If you’d like a free copy of my EBook ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’, which will help you with this, you can get yours here.

The Full Moon will be exact on Thursday 18th August 2016 at 07:25pm here in Brisbane (AEST).

The Moon will be void of course from 07:26 pm on Thursday 18th August until 02:34 am on the Friday 19th August here in Brisbane (AEST).

If you would like to form a greater connection with your innate self and to explore your creativity, self expression and what your gifts could be then you may like to follow the Mother Earth Astrology Sun Sign Self Awareness Series.

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