New Vistas are Beckoning. Is it Time to Hit the Road Again?

Mars Direct Time to Resume the JourneyWhen Mars turned retrograde in April, he offered us a chance to really connect with the frustrations that are currently at play within our lives.

They’ve been sitting with us for some time; brewing away.

As he slowed this week those frustrations seemed to magnify and yet we felt stuck. Like we were walking in moon boots and struggling to pick up the pace.

Some of us may not have been walking at all, as this part of the Mars Retrograde cycle can culminate in illness; just to tip things ever so slightly further over the ‘inability to move’ edge.

Mars station-direct on Thursday really bought our frustrations to the fore.

Did you feel it? That up-rush of previously pent up energy?

I know I did.

Wherever Mars has been travelling in your chart indicates the area of life where this energy would have been most pressing.

For me, Mars (at 23 degrees Scorpio) has been sitting on my North Node (Destiny/Growth) in my natal 10th house (Career/Status) all this week.

Having Mars station on a key part of your chart is big energy. I’ve felt it and I’m listening!

With Mars highlighting my Status/Career house (10th) and working my nodes across my career and family axis, the realisation that our current lifestyle is not sustainable has been a strong one.

Providing for a family of six on one wage is simply not going to work. Especially, as this family is made up of a huge ball of dynamic energy that needs to be active, needs space and needs to have regular adventures.

So, here we are two days on from Mars’ change of direction and with the help of today’s Gemini Moon, it’s time to start making those calls and looking at how I can help to get our family back on track financially in the most supportive way possible for all concerned.

How are you going out there?

Can you feel a sense of clarity finally coming through?

Are you feeling propelled forwards with regards to changes that you have been contemplating?

We may not yet see the destination yet, but it’s certainly time to pull off from the side of the road and to resume the journey; whatever direction that takes.

The New Moon on Monday may help us bring in some intentions for some more of those changes.

For me, the Cancerian energy (Home/Family/Nurturance and Support) of this Moon  is particularly apt.

My New Moon post will be out later today.

Until then, I hope that you are enjoying feeling once more active and back in the driving seat.

I know that I am :).

Toria xo


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