Empathy, Nurturance, Support – New Moon in Cancer July 2016

Cancer New Moon July 2016For Monday’s New Moon we have 4 of the 5 personal planets lining up in the sign of Cancer bringing issues around family, home, nurturance and belonging to the fore this month.

Support is a big word in all of this and with Saturn inconjunct the New Moon we may have to think ‘out of the box’ when it comes to a solution around how we acheive this support and get our needs met.

Inconjuncts often demand flexibility so remember to keep a sense of humour 😉

Do our existing relationships support our needs/sense of belonging and do we feel able to voice our needs and feel heard when we do?

Pluto in Capricorn opposes the New Moon and is disposited by Saturn in Sagittarius indicating that we may have to make some changes to allow for more freedom within our lives. This can also indicate strong emotions and power struggles so be mindful of where such interactions are taking place. Do you need to regain power over your life?

With each of the 4 personal planets also moving to trine Neptune (yes, that Saturn/Neptune Square is still making its presence felt) one by one over the course of the next few days, this is a time of tender feelings, strong intuition and empathy.

How do you intuit Cosmic signals (The main senses are listed below this write up for your reference)? Be open to that sense and be open to Trust.

Cancer is also a sign that can be reactive and defensive so be aware of triggers that highlight emotional soft spots.

If you experience such a trigger it may be showing you a past wound that is still playing out in the present day, as the Moon in her home sign of Cancer is strongly aligned with the Past.

Remember that New Moons give us the opportunity to set our intentions for beginnings within our lives so you may wish to check the house in your chart where this New Moon is falling (12 degrees and 53 seconds of Cancer) and look up the themes for that house to see where this could be relevant for you. Remember too to check planets falling at that degree, as they too will be activated.

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New Moons are also a good time to meditate and to cleanse your crystals.

It’s interesting that we have the Australian Federal Election today. I’m not a political Astrologer, but I wonder how high family themes were on the minds of voters and how supported we will all be feeling when the votes are finally counted.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is: Cancer 13: “A Hand, Which Is Held Out Receptively, Is Remarkable For The Suggestion Of Character In Its Prominent Thumb”.

This implies a sense of vulnerability, strength and wisdom and seems very fitting for the Cancerian energy right now.

It gives the impression of being shown the way; of being nurtured, protected and supported as we get ‘there’ and, should we listen to the call of our intuition, this journey could well lead us to discovering new depths of our own strength and wisdom.

The New Moon falls at 09:00PM here in Brisbane (AEST).

Questions to ponder at this New Moon:

  1. What changes do you need to make to ensure that you feel nurtured and supported – emotionally and spiritually?
  2. How do you nurture and support those within your life – emotionally and spiritually?
  3. How are you nurturing and supporting your dreams?


The 4 Main Psychic Senses:

  1. Clairsentient (experiences intuition through the feelings – i.e through the gut)
  2. Claircognisant (experiences intuition through a sense of knowing)
  3. Clairaudient (experiences intuition via the ability of ‘hearing’ messages – usually telepathically)
  4. or Clairvoyant (experiences intuition through visions or dreams)Empathy, Nurturance, Support – New Moon in Cancer July 2016

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