Day: July 2, 2016

Empathy, Nurturance, Support – New Moon in Cancer July 2016

For Monday’s New Moon we have 4 of the 5 personal planets lining up in the sign of Cancer bringing issues around family, home, nurturance and belonging to the fore this month. Support is a big word in all of this and with Saturn inconjunct the New Moon we may have to think ‘out of […]

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Adjustments and Forward Progress – The Next Stage of the Saturn Retrograde Cycle

Also occurring today (at 11:29 am this morning (AEST)) and adding to the feeling of forward momentum, we have Saturn forming an inconjunct with the Sun, heralding the next stage of the Saturn retrograde cycle. Remember that Saturn in Sagittarius is about aligning our reality with our truth. Click here for a refresher. It’s also about […]

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New Vistas are Beckoning. Is it Time to Hit the Road Again?

When Mars turned retrograde in April, he offered us a chance to really connect with the frustrations that are currently at play within our lives. They’ve been sitting with us for some time; brewing away. As he slowed this week those frustrations seemed to magnify and yet we felt stuck. Like we were walking in […]

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