Moving (ever so slowly) Towards a Way Forward…

We’re almost there!!

I know it feels exhausting right now, but we’ll be through it soon, so hang on in there.

Mars is currently travelling at his slowest ready to station (seemingly stop) tomorrow and yes, that’s having an effect on our energy levels right now, as Mars is the planet responsible for:

  • the way that we Act,
  • our Physical Energy (along with the Sun) and
  • our Assertion.

Add to that yesterday’s void of course Moon in Pisces and I think most of us were feeling pretty wiped out last night.

Over the last 10 weeks we have been given ample opportunity to:

  • Slow Down
  • Up Our Patience Levels
  • Reassess our Ways of Asserting for What We Want

and to meet with those parts of ourselves that are experiencing:

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • A Sense of Powerlessness
  • A Fear of Moving Forward

Some of us may even be experiencing the exacerbation of physical illness this week; forcing us to slow down further, in order that we contemplate how we are using our physical energy.

Are we using it wisely and making time for self-care or are we directing it all externally; potentially leading ourselves forwards into burn out?

Are we directing that energy into something that is healthful and in line with our true self/passions?

Add to this the Saturn/Neptune square that is currently in force (with both of those planets also retrograde) and it’s been heavy.

It’s been a time when we have been given the chance to glean what is no longer sustainable in our lives as well as the opportunity to confront those darker feelings that have been requiring our attention and subsequent release; such as:

  • Resentment
  • Past Hurt
  • Inappropriate ways of expressing anger…

Many of us will have connected with feelings of:

  • Disillusionment
  • Despondency
  • or Melancholy

over the past couple of months and the sense of frustration in knowing what needs to change and not knowing how to change it or perhaps, in some cases, knowing that we need to let go and yet not being able to.

When Mars stations-direct at 23 degrees and 03 seconds of Scorpio on Thursday 30th June at 09:39 am here in Brisbane (AEST) we may get a clearer idea/sense of knowing around that which is no longer workable within our lives.

For some, this may coincide with the ending of something – a relationship, a venture, an ambition, a way of life…

Remember to note where this point (23 degrees 03 seconds of Scorpio) falls within your chart. The themes of that house will be important.

Expect a reboot of inspiration and a renewed sense of direction to arise over the next 2 weeks, as Mars moves to trine the Sun on the 17th July; potentially directing us forward into a more suitable and sustainable future.

Now is the time to act upon re-doing/re-working all of those things that have been up for reassessment; to move forwards on those intuitive hunches and prompts.

Mars will once again pass the point at which he stationed-retrograde on August 23rd bringing this Mars retrograde cycle to its final conclusion.


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