The Sound of Drums -A Time to Celebrate?

Untitled design(2)During meditation this morning I could hear drums beating. My cells felt alive and vibrated alongside the beat. My body was filled with a sense of excitement.

I think something has shifted.

These past few days I have been experiencing physical symptoms – a cold, a lost voice, extreme tiredness, breakouts. They’re still present this morning (minus the breakouts – yay!), but lighter somehow.

The extreme rain that was falling yesterday and into the night has cleared and now the birds are singing as the sun is rising in the sky; as if personifying that a cleanse has taken place.

It’s as if yesterday’s blog post marked the ‘low point of the story’ with regards to the Saturn/Neptune square and the huge energy that has been part of the Grand Cross of late.

Yes, my night’s dreams are still profoundly vivid and yes, they’re still peppered with imagery of anger (Mars retrograde) and lack (Saturn retrograde), but today there’s more promise and it feels like the promise of something new.

A week last Thursday our family started a new morning routine.

Every morning, we start the day ingesting Diatomaceous Earth (DE) followed by a green juice.

The littlies are actually having theirs together, as the green juice masks the taste of the DE.

My almost-two-year-old loves his green juices and will keep coming back to me in the kitchen with his empty cup to request more. It’s a challenge making enough for the six of us to have a fair amount at times.

Mars is now travelling at his slowest in preparation for his stationary-direct. He will turn direct next Thursday. Between now and then, what steps can you take to clear any residual Mars energy from your personal energetic field?

Emotional honesty is important; talking over our emotions, if possible; writing about them, sitting with them, acknowledging them.

Hopefully once Mars turns direct and begins to pick up a little pace we can all start to feel a little more vital.

I hope that you too are filled with greater optimism and hope as we journey towards tonight’s Full Moon and the Solstice.

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