Neptune Retrograde 2016

🍃🍃🍃 Mother Earth Astrology’s Tuesday Tip Off  🍃🍃🍃- Neptune is now retrograde.

Neptune Retrograde 2016

Now joining Mars and Saturn we have Neptune, who turned retrograde yesterday evening at 09:42pm here in Brisbane (AEST) (Click the time for a conversion to your city).

With Neptune in his home sign (Pisces ♓️), travelling at his slowest, he can have us all feeling extra sensitive or tired and sometimes, even experiencing sickness, so don’t be surprised if you have experienced any or all of this over the last few days.

Neptune can also impact our dream state, so you may have been dreaming more so than is usual.

Those with planets between 9 and 12 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and the remaining Water 💦 signs (Scorpio and Cancer) are set to feel the effect of this retrograde more strongly than others.

If this is you, then get set for a change in perspective and a softening of the Ego as the reality check continues.

First, however, we start with the likely ‘feeling of lethargy‘, a general ‘feeling of fogginess‘ and a smidgen of ‘lack of clarity‘ thrown in for good measure.

The big word with anything Neptune is ‘Surrender’ and during the retrograde phase it can help to just go with the flow 🏄🏻 until clarity arrives, which it eventually will.

With Neptune currently approaching Saturn for the second hit of our 2016 Neptune/Saturn square this may be an uncertain time.

This square can bring up fears and insecurities 😱 and whopping scoops of self doubt. If you notice that negativity is creeping in then make sure you connect with your support network often – those who support you, bolster you up and who’s feedback you trust 💚

Any relationship that adds to potential anxieties or feelings of inadequacy 😞 at this time may need to be assessed for its value, or you may in the least choose to put a boundary around it.

If you are holding onto parts of your life that no longer serve you they may be literally dissolved and removed during a Neptune transit; especially those elements, upon which we are overly-identified.

This can even relate to our opinions 🗣, as we may be subject to an alternative view of reality now, which can see us relaxing the strength of our previously-held convictions.

Neptune is the dream whereas Saturn is the form of that dream manifested. Is your dream too big? – Realistically? Or is it too small, perhaps?

What is possible and what are you holding onto that no longer fits nor supports the fruition of that possibility?

What is being loosened in your life in order that you can accept and integrate something else?

Look out for people whom you are idealising now, as they are likely to be mirrors 🔦, shining a light on an internal aspect of yourself that is wishing to be made manifest.

The same goes for those who trigger our compassion 💖- are you being shown a wounded aspect of you that wishes to be given love?

With Neptune’s ability to dissolve boundaries, our sense of oneness can increase and we can experience heightened empathy, increased awareness of other realms, more frequent intuitive insight and/or a strengthened sense of the beauty💕 and connectedness of all life.

The house (representing the area of life) in which Neptune is transiting can be susceptible to deception, because we tend to be vulnerable and naive where Neptune is concerned and can find ourselves wearing rose coloured glasses👓💞. It can be helpful to seek a second opinion or a good friend’s judgement.

If you have my free EBook – ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’, you may wish to look this up.

If you don’t yet have this, you can obtain it here.

Meditation, yoga 🙏🏻 and any other activity that enables a stronger connection with your higher self/inner Guru is recommended now, as is ensuring a strong grounding and protection routine. For example; getting into nature 🌳 each day, carrying a grounding crystal; such as black Tourmaline or Hematite or following a morning meditation that enables you to feel embodied and centred.

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