Coloured Balloon Meditation

Sit with a straight back somewhere comfortable and close your eyes.

Breathe deeply focusing on the in and out breath for 3 deep breaths.

Don’t worry if your mind is chattering. That’s perfectly normal.

Just focus on the breath and keep breathing deeply – in and out.

Now imagine that as you breathe in your tummy becomes a balloon, which expands on the in-breath.

Imagine a colour for the balloon.

As you breathe out the balloon deflates.

Keep going for three deep breaths and as you do this contemplate how the colour of the balloon makes you feel.

Don’t over think it.

Just go with whatever thoughts or feelings appear.

Let the balloon inflate one more time with a big in-breath. This time, imagine that the balloon is now as big as you and that you are inside the balloon.

As you continue to breathe in and out, imagine that the colour from the balloon is infusing into your body.

Sit in the energy of that colour and continue to take deep breaths.

The colour now completely fills your body and surrounds your energy field.

Sit and breathe deeply in this space until you feel ready to open your eyes.



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