Intense Times, Working Purposefully and a Need to Trust – June’s New Moon

Intensity and Awareness of Patterns

Wow! What a line up for this weekend’s New Moon and what a powerful time we have all been experiencing these past few weeks. Are you feeling it?

Are you becoming more and more aware of patterns that are playing out within your life and of how you may be contributing to the ongoing playing of them?

If so, then our retrograde planets have been doing a great (albeit rather intense!) job.

This week has been particularly pertinent and the New Moon energy that is ushering in June is setting us up for a big Month; highlighting many of the energetic biggies that are occurring for us right now.

This weekend’s New Moon falls on Sunday 5th June at 12:59pm here in Brisbane (AEST). Click here for a time conversion to your area of the World in the sign of communication and duality – Gemini. The New Moon exactly conjunct Venus is forming a Mutable Grand Cross indicating that the theme of balance is important.

A Need for Focus, Presence and Flexibility

Are you feeling pressure from all or from certain areas of your life? A sense of being all over the place, of being pulled from pillar to post? Maybe you are wanting to just wanting to crawl back into bed each day and pull the blankets more tightly over your head and yet, you can’t?

Adaptability, living moment to moment and focus are all key words for June, as we are asked to continue to do the work and to surrender and trust.

Relationships, Communication and Financial Triggers

With Mercury (ruler of this New Moon) situated in Venus-ruled Taurus and opposing Mars (currently retrograde) you may be finding communication in relationships difficult and for some of us, feelings around finances could be highlighted.

Perhaps you or others are quick to anger and with Mars in trine to Chiron these angry outbursts or moments of impatience likely have their roots in some aspect of life that is out of balance and where pain is being felt.

There can be issues around holding onto stubborn view points and a need to be right; even over petty things.

Does ‘being right’ really matter and what is the issue at hand really telling you?

Some may be finding it difficult to be patient due to physical pain where perhaps an illness is making daily life a little harder to bare right now and making them less tolerant.

Others may find that others’ actions or words are moving them to anger; the true reason for this outburst highlighting their greatest pain point(s) right now.

For example: perceived financial burdens, relationship issues, illness, a sense of being overworked and overwhelmed.

Providing for Needs Purposefully

Mercury is also forming an Earth Grand Trine with Jupiter/North Node and Pluto finding us concerned with how we provide for our Earthly needs and what we want to produce within our Worlds.

Are we looking after our health (our physical needs)? Are we financially stable and do we earn our money in a way that is aligned with our purpose?

Manifesting our Dreams – Fear vs. Flow: The Saturn/Neptune Square

With the year’s Saturn square to Neptune forming part of the Grand Cross, we are being asked to look at how we take responsibility for our pain points. Do we own it or do we look to others; perceiving ourselves as victims and going into blame or perhaps expecting someone to rescue us? (Believe me, that would be so nice right now!).

This is not an ‘easy’ energy by any means and it can be difficult not to feel that we are hard done to or even trapped at such times.

Moving beyond what is happening right now appears to be calling for two things

  1. A reality (Saturn) check: Starting with listening to what’s coming up within our lives. What is causing us distress, what isn’t working?
  2. Surrender (Neptune): Do you need to let go of something?  A physical item/person or a habit/way of life? Or is this simply that you are resisting change and not surrendering to the flow?

Resisting tends to lead to blockages and this can prevent the new from coming into your World. When we resist, it tends to be because we have fearful expectations.

Saturn/Neptune has been asking us to bring our vision(s) into form this year. To do the work to manifest our dreams into reality. To let go of those aspects of our lives that are no longer in alignment with our truth.

This process has been far from a bed of roses, however, stirring up all kinds of fears and bringing our insecurities to the fore.

Self-Worth and doubt have abounded and it has been a time when we have been called upon to keep doing the work and to keep trusting – even in times when there has appeared to be lack of tangible results.

Remember that Saturn is still retrograde in all this as well, meaning that the last few weeks have felt far from flowing. More of a ‘trudging’ quality really!

Self Care and Service: Jupiter/North Node Conjunction in Virgo

Also plugging into this Grand Cross is the Jupiter/North Node conjunction in Virgo. This energy has been a huge part of 2016 and it is is pushing us towards growth and calling for us to work on our purpose.

We all have a purpose; a reason for being here on this Earth.

That calling may be something that can be delivered through a day to day job or it may be something more personal or perhaps family oriented.

Virgo is a sign greatly connected with health, ritual, purity and service.

How do you wish to be of service? Are you doing it or making some steps towards doing it?

Do your daily rituals bring you health, a sense of balance and a connectedness with the Earth and World around you?

What rituals could you do in your day to day life to bring you greater balance and healthfulness?

Staying Focused

All of this calls for focus and dedication.

A Mutable Grand Cross can tend to scattered energy and nervous exhaustion so be mindful of your health at this time and be sure to incorporate those healthful and necessary rituals into your life.

Working with the crystals Aragonite, Rhyolite or Carnelian could be helpful during June.

Requiring Further Assistance?:

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