What’s Preventing You From Moving Forwards?

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What’s Preventing You From Moving Forwards?

Okay, so it’s not yet Tuesday, but I wanted to get this one out early, as I have an action for you that may be particularly useful with the current Piscean Moon 🌙

Also, if you like games, you may find this a fun thing to do on a Monday 😉

Bush Flower Essence Choice Mars Retrograde

Mars is the God of War. He is virile, assertive and brave. If he wants something, he goes after it; often immediately.

When Mars travels in retrograde motion he turns our attention inwards🤔. Often revealing to us a habit or behaviour that we have that impinges on our forward motion.

What is stopping 🖐you from going after what you want?

The Piscean ♓️ Moon is all about letting go and the last aspect that the Moon will make before moving into Aries ♈️ tomorrow afternoon is a trine (harmonious aspect) with Mars.

Therefore, I want you to spend the rest of the time with our Piscean energy contemplating how you may be holding yourself back in life and, therefore, what disempowering habit or thought pattern, that you need to let go of🗑

I have something to help with this in a minute 😉

The twelve 🌺 cards pictured above are typical ways in which we can hold ourselves back in life.

Pick a card (or more), to which you are drawn.

I will reveal the cards and their meanings this evening.

Toria xo

Feel free to share if you feel that someone would benefit from this 🙂

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