Mars Retrograde 2016 – Mars moves into Scorpio 

At 11:51pm (AEST) on Friday 27th May 2016 Mars will retrograde back into the sign of Scorpio ♏️ after his period traversing backwards through the sign of Sagittarius ♐️

In Sagittarius, Mars motivates us to grow and expand; seeking to be free to explore and to set off on the next adventure✈️. The boundless Sagittarian energy can imbue Mars with a ‘no holds barred’ assertion; direct, restless and unstoppable.

Mars in Sagittarius has the drive to pursue his vision👓. He can be sexually uncommitted, impulsive, optimistic and inspiring in his quest for freedom.

This Mars enjoys a spiritual quest and may boarder on the fanatical about his beliefs.

Therefore, when Mars turns retrograde in this sign we may experience strong feelings of frustration; likely related to our personal sense of freedom. How free do we feel that we are to be ourselves? Curtailing this wild, boundless Sagittarian energy🌪 is probably not going to happen without some internal challenge.

Mars in his traditionally-ruled sign of Scorpio ♏️ is powerfully placed. This is intense, volcanic energy; magnetic and brooding, deep and powerful. This Mars is tenacious and determined and does not back down without a fight.

Known for his penetrative insights, this Mars has the ability to detect that which cannot be seen nor felt. Motivated by mystery he can plumb the depths of the psyche and get to the root of what has previously been hidden🔎.

When expressing from his higher purpose, he is motivated by transformation and fighting the good fight to overturn negative power plays. He is intensely passionate 🔥 and purposeful.

When Mars backtracks into Scorpio the whole process of the retrograde is likely to intensify and deepen. 

Mars retrograding through this sign is likely to trigger much that is hidden below the surface; bubbling it up and bringing much opportunity for release and subsequent transformation.

Intense anger; such as rage may be experienced in some cases and some of us may experience fear of our own power, whereas others may connect with a part of ourselves that feels powerless.

Another aspect to Mars retrograde is that he can uncover latent areas of psychic resources, which can motivate us into action.

The ultimate outcome (if we choose to do the work), could well be that of empowerment and a reconnection with our passions and the truth of just how magically powerful ✨ we really are.

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