Healing Psoriasis – My Big Wake Up Call and Why I Prefer a Natural Approach to Health

Often, transits from the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are experienced as events,  situations or people, which show up in our lives and trigger something life-changing.

This is what happened to me when transiting Pluto, which was travelling in a square aspect to Uranus at the time (heavy stuff), squared my natal Pluto.

When transiting Pluto (where Pluto is right now in the sky) makes a square aspect (is 90 degrees apart from) to your natal Pluto you are usually somewhere in your late thirties or early forties.

It can be a time of purging (big Pluto word) and transforming (another big Pluto word) and the following story shows how an ailment that I was experiencing at the time nudged me onto a different path in regards to my future health and the way that I now deal with illness in my life.

Remember that when something shows up in life that appears bleak and miserable, it is wise to tune in, to listen and to be aware of the symbols around you. Follow your heart and, as much as it can be difficult to do, surrender to the process.

Place one foot in front of the other day by day.

We never know where the path will take us, but in my experience there has always been something good to take away from each event and sometimes what appears as dismal can actually be something that completely turns your life around.

The key is in breathing through the fear and the saying “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is often apt for when we have big transits affecting our lives.


As a child, I would regularly have Eczema break outs, which appeared on my body in different places.

The usual way to resolve this was steroid cream, which mum would apply, and over the course of a few days it would ‘clear up’ again.

I learnt from a young age not to use anything too strong on my skin.

I’ve always been very sensitive to strong chemicals and have, therefore, mostly avoided heavily scented products and tended to opt for the more gentle offerings.

I remember feeling that this was something of an annoyance in my teenage years, as everyone seemed to be wearing strong perfumes and to be using scented bath products and I felt a little on the outside with my ‘mild’ products, which tended not to smell of anything at all.

In fact, I remember feeling annoyed at myself for being so sensitive.  Something that I felt about both my skin and my emotional self.

The Eczema seemed to disappear as I got older, but I would still get the odd bout every now and again and I continued to use steroid cream whenever it got really sore.

In my early thirties, I began to  experience Psoriasis, which started appearing on my scalp, face, legs and hands.

I went to see Don Tolman talk in Brisbane around this time and heard him explain that steroid creams merely suppress skin rashes – by pushing the toxicity below the surface

… that Psoriasis was an indicator of a toxic build up in the body that the body was attempting to eliminate through the skin.

It made sense.

Don explained that the body has 5 eliminatory organs – the Liver, the Kidneys, the Colon, the Lungs and the Skin.

When the toxic overload gets too much for the internal organs we start to see signs of this on our skin.

He told us that the lemon and salt would help the skin to do its job in releasing the toxins and that it would help to clear it up.

So, there was my answer! … or so I thought!

Let’s call this the start of the story 🙂


I went home and applied some lemon and salt straight onto the small patch of Psoriasis on my hands.

Naively, I expected this small patch to simply heal within a few days and that would be the end of that.

But, oh no! That wasn’t the case at all.

My few days of applying the lemon and salt actually increased the Psoriasis and instead of my hands clearing they became much worse in a relatively short space of time. I also had poison lines running along my wrists.

It was like I had opened a gateway and, whatever was causing the Psoriasis, was now attempting to leave my body – through my hands.

Fast forward on a few years and I now know that what I experienced was a type of ‘healing crisis’. It was my body indicating that there was much more going on within me; that needed to be attended to before my hands could heal.

However, back then I had no idea.

What an eye opener! Before doing this, I had no idea that lemon and salt could be so powerful.

I stopped using the lemon and salt and before long the poison lines disappeared, but the Psoriasis didn’t.

In fact, it became worse and then seemed to stay that way.

I was now in a quandry, however, because I was going through a transition.

I had begun to discover the World of natural healing. My heart was full. I had listened to Don up on that stage and something within me was screaming out “Yes! This man makes sense! This is the way it should be”.

My mind, however, was sceptical.

I was starting to see that the medical World wasn’t right for me when it came to the Psoriasis; that the steroid creams hadn’t really solved anything for my skin conditions, but it was early days and I was in that funny in-between stage of questioning.

I really didn’t know how to deal with my hands.

The ‘now-me’ knows that had I booked a one-on-one with Don he would have been able to offer me the right advice and got me sorted.

The ‘then-me’, however, was full of:

‘Well, what if I book a session with Don and that leads to more sessions and I spend heaps of money and I still don’t get this thing resolved?”

My mind was frowning and wagging a finger. My heart was gently glowing.

I’d heard Don speak of Fasting and I now had a copy of his book – The Farmacist Desk Reference.

I could Fast, but did I really want to?

… and what if I went for a WHOLE day or maybe even TWO! without food and it didn’t resolve anything?

Meanwhile, the Psoriasis was painful and debilitating.

I avoided swimming pools because the chlorine would exacerbate the condition, I dreaded going to the beach where the sun and salt seemed to irritate it and, because I also had it on my hands, I found it painful to bathe both myself and my children.

It was a miserable time.

Even the most simple of daily duties, like washing the dishes, became a struggle.

My hands were cut and bleeding and they became so bad that I started wearing cotton gloves to hide them.

You realise at times like these how valuable certain body parts are and being a mum of three children (at the time) my hands were beyond priceless.

At this point (this is the low point in the story where the sad music usually plays), I visited a doctor.


I was emotional and in pain and I had no idea what to do about my hands.

Well, actually, I had a great idea, but I didn’t yet trust that I was capable of it

… nor that it would actually work!

My mind was still wagging that finger!

The doctor told me that Psoriasis was a grade stronger than Eczema. He spoke with me about stress levels and issued me with some steroid cream.

Despite knowing in my heart that this wasn’t the answer, I reluctantly used it.

I was feeling desperate.

The effect was not much change to my hands and a sore lump, which appeared in my armpit – known as a Carbuncle. I had a dark pink poison line running from my armpit halfway towards my elbow and it looked angry.

At this point, I took out my Don Tolman FDR (Farmacist Desk Reference) and looked up Carbuncle. There it was on the page; right before my eyes – ‘Carbuncle – can be caused by Steroid Cream’.

Now, I was listening!

Don’s words were beginning to make more and more sense to me. If the Psoriasis was caused by a build up of toxicity within my body, the toxicity needed to come out.

By applying the steroid cream, I was merely suppressing it and, because my hands were in such a nasty state, the attempt at suppression had resulted in the lump under my arm.

Bottom Line:”The toxicity had to go somewhere”.

Don’s advice for the Carbuncle was to Water Fast for 10 days.

Hmm! At this point, I had never even gone one day on just water before.

Could I really survive on water for ten days straight?

And … was it the answer?

It seemed to be an awful lot of effort.


I began water fasting.

My other half worked out (intuitively) that if he massaged the area around the Carbuncle for me in a certain direction that it reduced the poison lines.

After two days on Water and still feeling emotional, but also a little excited by the results that I was experiencing (the lump was reducing as were the poison lines), I returned to my doctor.

My doctor did not share my excitement. He gave me a stern telling off, in fact.

He told me that I was crazy for not coming to see him sooner, that the massage (that had reduced the poison lines & lump) was a dangerous thing to do

… that I was lucky I wouldn’t have to have the Carbuncle cut out at this stage, that I should have seen him the minute it appeared and that I was to take some Antibiotics and (if the lump was still there) go back and see him once the antibiotics had run their course.

This was my big turning point.

I’d seen too much to go back now.

My mind had stopped wagging that finger quite so sternly.

Listening to Don’s advice from that talk (around Psoriasis being indicative of a toxic build up within the body) I spent the next few months periodically fasting on water and clay and cleaning up my diet, whilst also taking Bush Flower Essences for my emotions; specifically the ones that tend to underlie conditions such as Psoriasis and, which applied to me.

During this time, an Indian guy at work saw my hands and told me about the Neem Tree.

The Neem Tree is known as the ‘Mother Tree’ in India and he had been successfully using the extract from the Neem Leaves to treat his son’s Eczema.

It took a few months from this point, but by periodically fasting, continuing to take the Flower Essences and by using Neem Leaf Extract to manage my symptoms (fantastic for anything itchy ;)), I healed the Psoriasis.

So, you see, I really needed to purge. I needed to purge the physical toxicity from my body through fasting, I needed to acknowledge repressed anger that I had failed to express from my past that was now turning in on my body in the form of an auto-immune disease and I needed to heal and accept my emotional self.

Pluto was doing his job to transform my body and my outlook on life along with Uranus who was doing his best to wake me up to a healthier way of being – through a nasty skin eruption (very Uranus in Aries).

The Pluto/Uranus square was in effect from June 2012 until March 2015, but its ripple effects are still being felt.

To have that energy contact your personal chart was a wake up call in whatever area of your life that it touched.

Pluto (still travelling through the sign of Capricorn) is tearing down the status quo of the basis of our society; unearthing the undercurrents and showing us what has been hidden

… and on a personal note, Pluto was showing me what was hiding within my body and what needed to come out.

Uranus’ journey through the sign of Aries began triggering revolutions all around the globe and waking people up to where things have to change.

My own personal revolution was me saying goodbye to the World of pharmaceuticals and walking onto the path of the healing power of the natural World.

I am grateful for this every single day.


I have only set foot in a doctor’s office for personal reasons on very rare occasions since that day.

I now understand my body so much more than what I once did and I no longer want to deal with my symptoms through suppression, cutting or drugs.

I trust that whatever comes up for me is mostly treatable by natural methods and that much illness is predominantly prevented through diet.


And more than that, I now love myself and my body more than I ever have. I love that my body is so sensitive and that it has been there for forty+ years alerting me to any issues that it has been experiencing.

I may not always like what it tells me, but I know that my body has my back and if I honour the signals it sends me, I can live a long and healthy life completely in tune with nature, her rhythms and the mother of us all – Mother Earth.

If you’d like to start removing the chemicals or perhaps enhance your already chemical-free collection you can visit my online store and check out all of the Earth and Body Friendly products 🙂

If there’s an emotional, physical or mental issue that you’re finding hard to shift within your life, I would love to help you to begin exploring it from a natural viewpoint.

If you feel that I could be of assistance to you in this way you might like to book a Bush Flower Essence Consultation.

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