Where do you wish to grow? This Sunday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

This Sunday we have the Full Moon falling in the sign of Sagittarius. Sign of growth, freedom and adventure.

With Jupiter (ruler of this Full Moon) conjunct the North Node it seems that many of us will be contemplating how we are experiencing growth within our lives.

Do our current circumstances enable us to move towards our vision(s)? How free are we to be who we want to be?

The North Node in the sign of Virgo indicates that themes around our day to day working lives and/or our health could be highlighted.

Are we working in a role that enables us to feel of service to others, that honours the true expression of our self and that brings us joy?

Venus, in her own sign of Taurus, is in opposition to the Moon implying that there may be a conflict between our needs and our sense of self-worth.

The Sabian Symbol for Venus is: “An Old Indian Woman Selling Beads and Trinkets”. Are we working in a role that we really want to do or are we underestimating ourselves?

With regards to health, are we in the best shape that we could be in physically and emotionally so that we can move forward on life’s path unencumbered; with renewed strength and optimism?

The trine to Chiron suggests that some of us may be connecting with emotional and /or physical wounds/ailments and with Jupiter in Virgo as dispositor of Chiron there is the potential for healing.

With Jupiter forming a Grand Trine with Pluto and Mercury be open to the potential for opportunity around this Full Moon.

Perhaps through some news, a sudden idea around moving forwards or through recognising an opportunity to move through and transmute an emotional and/or physical impediment that has previously held you back.

With Mars tightly conjunct this Full Moon (within seconds of it, in fact), the current energy of the Mars retrograde is likely to be illuminated in some way within our lives in the lead up to or actually on this Sunday, as the Moon builds to Full and exacts.

Have we been feeling blocked or thwarted in our attempts at growth?

I have also discussed Mercury’s direction and the Sabian Symbols for the New Moon within this Mars Retrograde post, as it is all tightly interlinked this weekend.

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