Mercury Direct and Retrograde Mars Update

Bush Flower Essence ConsultationWhat a Weekend we have approaching with three big Astrological alignments taking place on Sunday!

  1. Mars, in his retrograde motion, will oppose the Sun moving us to the next stage of the Mars Retrograde cycle.
  2. Mercury (planet of communication) will turn direct just over 2 hours later
  3. and…We have a Full Moon exacting in the morning.

Remember that Full Moons tend to illuminate and bring up those emotions and/or pain points that are requiring our attention so as we get further into the week you may wish to be prepared and tuned in to what is arising for you.

My Full Moon report will follow shortly.

In the meantime, here’s my take on what the next stage of Mars could mean for us along with Mercury’s change of direction …

At 09:07pm here in Brisbane (AEST) Mars, currently on his retrograde journey will oppose the Sun. Click here for a time conversion to your place in the World.

This marks the next phase of our journey and a potential turning point.

When Mars is travelling retrograde we can feel blocked, thwarted, frustrated.

We can connect with internal feelings of powerlessness, blocked ambitions, depression, past anger and can feel stuck/stagnant.

As Mars, travelling retrograde, opposes the Sun it tends to highlight this blocked energy; showing us through our feelings or through the events occurring around us that, which is requiring our conscious acknowledgement.

What needs to be confronted and looked at? What do you want to act on?

Where might you have been holding yourself back and why might you be standing in your own way?

The opposition; falling across opposing houses of your natal chart, may be highlighting themes associated with those houses; specifically in this case 1 degree and 47 seconds of Gemini and 1 degree and 47 seconds of Sagittarius.

If you’d like a free copy of your chart along  with my E-Book to help you to ascertain these points you can get yours here.

With Mars on Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 2: “The Ocean Covered With Whitecaps” we may find ourselves over-thinking our emotional state and, perhaps, enlarging it when really it’s all just surface stuff.

Perhaps we are allowing fear to make things bigger than they need to be and underneath all that perceived emotional turmoil or those worries around moving forwards is a deep and vast Ocean of calm and potential.

If we shun the turmoil or choose fear over action,  we choose to suppress our experience(s) and the associated feelings have nowhere to go. They simply turn inward; potentially manifesting as dis-ease within the body or laying dormant until they are triggered later down the line.

This means that the calm (which almost always follows any storm) can then not be experienced and we run the risk of suppressing a part of our life experience.

As if to offer us a helping hand with our self-expression at this time, Mercury (planet of communication) is set to turn direct at 11:19 this evening here in Brisbane. Perhaps now is the time to have that talk?

If you’re finding yourself in a strong emotional state this weekend it may help to write out those feelings. Writing can often have the most profoundly healing effect and the written word is a Mercury mode of expression.

No one has to see those words. Just write and write about whatever comes and then burn the paper as a way of releasing those words and emotions to the Universe; asking that it all be taken away and transmuted.

Prayer is another mode of expression and can work wonders when we feel that we need some help within our lives.

To release the emotions physically; perhaps in the case of overwhelming anger or if you’re feeling a tad tetchy, you can try exercise.

Box something (preferably inanimate).

Have a pillow fight.

Just let it out.

Amazingly, Mercury turns direct on Sabian Symbol: Taurus 15 “A Man With A Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, Braves A Storm”.

This symbol seems to imply that it is time to face whatever is going on for you. If those emotions or fears are coming up then maybe its time to look them square in the eye and do something about them?

Mercury will form a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto as he turns direct implying that there is a chance for positive transformation right now.

I love that the Sun is on Gemini 2 at this time: “A Nervous Gentleman, Dressed In An Elaborate Santa Claus Costume, Is Filling Christmas Stockings Secretly”.

This reminds me of the saying ‘Behind every cloud is a silver lining”.

We may not like the experiences that the more intense times in our lives bring about, but what about if we embrace them and work with them in the most productive way possible? Where might that lead us? What could be the gift from the experience?

For some of us, it could be time to stop complaining about the life that we are living and to start moving towards the life that we want to live.

To put on those big girl and boy pants and to take some action towards realising our ambitions.

Between now and mid-July it may prove difficult to hide irritations and festering pain points; especially when Mars moves into Scorpio on 27th May when those deep resentments and hidden emotions are set to be unearthed from a whole new level.

Think about it. You cannot run from your emotions.

You can pretend they are not there and you can attempt to suppress them, in whatever form that takes, but you cannot simply expect them to disappear.At least not until you acknowledge them.

And to acknowledge them you must feel them. You must allow them through. That is where true healing and release can occur.

I watched a TV show earlier this week in which a crime writer was being interviewed and it was interesting to note how she explained living out her deepest, darkest self on the pages during murder scenes and yet in her actual life she is so calm and relaxed – because of that very outlet.

Again, remember writing or alternatively, painting or exercise. These are all ways to express Mars energy. Just let it out – safely and purposely – and you may be surprised at how good you can feel.

There is usually an emotional connection behind such emotions and with Mars it can be around power. Are you feeling powerless and why?

If you’re connecting with emotions and you’re not sure what to do about them or how to move forwards in life, then you might like to book a Bush Flower Essence Consultation with me.

Now, let’s see how our Knight is fairing 🙂 …

(here’s the story so far in case you missed it).

Sir Sag, looking up at the sky, breathes a huge sigh of frustration and throws his sword into the sand in front of him. He sits down, utterly exhausted and spent, and he resigns himself to laying on the ground for some hours.

“What’s the point?!” he eventually yells at no-one in particular.

His horse lets out a small grunt, as if in agreement, and continues to munch on some nearby grass.

Suddenly overcome with weariness, he doubts that he has the energy to start riding off umpteen miles in the other direction and when he gets there, after all that journeying, how on Earth is he going to muster up the enthusiasm for a damn good fight?!


Sir Sag gets to his feet and takes out some water and a portion of food. He sits in silence whilst he eats until he finally finishes his last mouthful.

He approaches the lake and washes his face.

He longs to swim in the water and bathe, but he doubts that he has the energy to undress and he knows that he must get back on his horse (as we all must at times such as these 😉 ).

He packs up the last of his belongings, mounts his horse and, putting his emotional state to one side, he gallops off sombrely in what he now feels is the right direction to meet his comrades on the battlefield.

He makes the battle; somewhat late in the day, but in enough time to help do what must be done and he helps to clear the dead once the battle has been won.

He watches those around him celebrating their triumph, but he does not feel like joining in. Instead, he finds the joviality rather irritating and he chooses to sit by himself; nursing a beer and gazing out at the hillside leaning against a rock.

He feels stuck and stagnant and he’s still a little angry.

He starts to recall the faces of the men he has battled over the last few days and, realising the futility of it all he is saddened and frustrated.

As he sits there, Mars, in retrograde motion, moves to oppose the Sun in the sky.

Sir Sag throws his mug of beer in a burst of temper.

Goodness, he’s really feeling angry now. Perhaps it’s the drink? He’s spoiling for a fight!

He wants to hunt down the King and ask why he has to murder in his name! Why can’t he do his own dirty work for goodness sake?

But he knows that to do that will result in a swift beheading, so he stands there feeling powerless and thwarted and oh! so tetchy!

Another knight walks past and trips over him sparking Sir Sag’s anger to new levels. The two of them exchange cross words and  after some rolling around and feeble drunken punching they both begin to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it all.

Here’s our knight, angry with the King for ‘making him’ perform violent acts, and here he is performing violent acts all of his own free will and, seriously, where is this getting him?

He pushes his contestant aside and offers him a beer and both sit down side by side.

They spend the next few hours realising that they are on the same page. That neither wants this life and they both have the epiphany that their life is of their own making.

No one has forced them to do what they are doing. They are merely choosing to continue with that way of life, as a seemingly ‘secure’ option, because it is easier than starting out again in a new role.

Both men sit in one another’s company discussing what it is that they would really like to be doing and within each of their hearts, new possibilities begin to stir.

Both know that they will have to patiently pack up camp tomorrow with their comrades and head back to the castle, but there is now a sniff of new vistas. Perhaps there is a way out and a way into a different way of life that may be beckoning after all.

It may take time to get there, but the first step usually begins with an idea and a commitment to pursue that new vision.

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