How Hygienic is your Feminine Hygiene?


Did you know that much of the World’s cotton production is steeped in pesticides and chemicals and that much of this toxic cotton makes its way into feminine hygiene products; such as tampons and sanitary towels?

Not to mention the glues and bleaches that are used in creating these products and the waste that we accumulate around the globe from a ‘one-off use and throw’ approach.

Can you imagine what that does to your health as a woman? There are lots of different ailments that can possibly be linked back to or further aggravated by such feminine hygiene products; such as thrush, endometriosis, toxic shock syndrome…

Can you imagine what this is doing to the Earth? Her resources and her level of pollution? Landfill?

Choosing organic cotton self-care products are one possible answer; especially if you can get them biodegradable.

However, did you know that there are even better options out there that promote increased health and a cleaner, greener Earth?

One option is the menstrual cup, which can save you money (reusable), save your feminine health (some are made of natural rubber) and can drastically reduce the load on our environment (each cup lasts approximately 10 years).

There’s also this delightful option from Minkiboo (pictured).

Handmade bamboo and cotton menstrual pads in the most gorgeous designs. I was lucky enough to win a batch of these in my prize pack from the Share the Dignity charity event that I attended two weekends ago.

They’re very reasonably priced and would make lovely gifts for daughters and nieces who are coming of age 🙂


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