Day: May 10, 2016

Jupiter now Direct – Yay :)

Did you experience an energetic build up this week? Perhaps things have been a little inflated around you? Maybe there’s even been some chaos playing out? I know for me, the last week has felt something like the build up to a Full Moon. Did you feel it too? If so, this could well have […]

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 Z is for Zucchini (Benefits and Recipe)

🍃🐿🍃 Tuesday Tip Off 🍃🐿🍃 Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness – Z is for Zucchini Z’s for Zucchini, A raw pasta treat, So easy to make, Even easier to eat 😋   Benefits of Zucchini: A great all-rounder, Zucchini is packed full of nutrition; the highest being Copper and Manganese. It also […]

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