New Moon in Taurus – This weekend

This weekend we have the New Moon in Taurus. Falling on the 7th May 2016 at 05:30am here in Brisbane. Click here for a time zone converter to wherever you are in the World.

Remember that a New Moon is a great time to usher in something new.

With this New Moon conjunct Mercury (currently retrograde) you may want to read my Mercury retrograde post to see if this gives you some help around themes may need some change within your life.

Taurus is a sign greatly aligned with beauty, the Earth and the body. This new Moon also conjuncts Venus (placed in her own sign of Taurus), which is a strong placement, so themes of beauty, abundance, finances and personal values may be strong.

With the New Moon falling in Taurus this is a great time to set intentions around finances and abundance as well as to express gratitude for what we already have and for where we are within our lives.

At the time of the New Moon:

Mercury is on Taurus 22: “A White Dove Flying Straight And Fearlessly Over Troubled Waters”.

Venus is on Taurus 09: “A Christmas Tree Is Decorated And Shines In The Darkness”.

The Moon is on Taurus 17: “A Symbolical Battle Between ‘Swords’ The Disciples Of Might, And ‘Torches’, The Disciples Of Enlightenment”.

These three symbols coming together at the time of the New Moon seem to be giving us the message to continue upon the path of the heart; despite the noise that may be happening around us. That all will be well. That we are safe.

Often when we set out on a new path or when we begin our journey towards enlightenment we can perceive set-backs; sometimes in the opinions that come from others, sometimes in obstacles that we encounter along the way.

The Dove (Mercury) seems to be telling us to keep going and Venus appears to be asking us to see the abundance that we have within our lives. I love this degree. It feels like a time of enjoyment and of celebrating abundance with those we love; of relaxation and being close to those whom we cherish.

With the New Moon creating an inconjunct with Saturn there may be some fear coming up for you, perhaps in relation to something that you are trying to manifest/set in motion.

Saturn’s degree is Sagittarius 16: “Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship Looking For Food”. Remember that you are the creator of your destiny.Don’t be content to play the victim card this weekend. Look for ways to move forward.

This degree also seems to imply that closing out the negativity of those who do not necessarily understand where you are at right now and, who are not in your shoes may be important. Often people react negatively when you trigger fear in them, so it may help to be aware of this and to hold them with love whilst continuing to move forwards.

The New Moon forms a beautiful Earth Grand Trine with Pluto and Jupiter indicating intensity and the enlargement of feelings/emotions. For some, this could indicate a magical time for manifesting abundance and for others it could be a case of a strong connection with what they already have; perhaps an overflowing sense of abundance around that.

With Pluto on Capricorn 18: “The Union Jack Flies From A New British Warship” the media may be playing a part in any negativity experienced under this New Moon. The best answer to that is often to simply stop watching the news. Do not let yourself be pulled and swayed by things that are not necessarily true. Always come back to your heart; your soul connection.

Jupiter on Virgo 14: “Finely Lettered Names And Mysterious Lines Are Seen; It Is A Family Tree” is perhaps asking us how connected we feel in life. Do we have a strong family bond, a sense of lineage? If we are absent from our birth families do we feel connected to Mother Earth? Are we connected to a soul family? Do you feel that you belong upon this Earth and if not, why not?

We are all special, important and absolutely essential. Maybe it’s time to connect with a purpose and to begin  moving forward with that. If you feel that you know your purpose, how can you enlarge it? Do we need to or are you happy where you are right now?

Alternatively, it may be time to connect with a group that is drawing your attention and to connect with like-minded souls.

The Sabian Symbol information comes with gratitude from Lynda Hill’s wonderful book: The Sabian Oracle : 360 Degrees of Wisdom and can be purchased here

Enjoy the New Moon and remember to set those intentions.

Toria xo

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