Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness – Y is for Youthful (and The History of Botox)

Tuesday Tip Off – Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness – Y is for Youthful.

I’m sure You’ve heard the saying:

You are what You eat

I’ve come to learn during the last few years just how true this saying is.

In fact, for five words, it carries a heap of wisdom.

I’m sure that you know that if you overeat on the wrong types of food, you’re likely to gain a few pounds, but did you also know that the markings of our faces are a barometer for our overall health?

By understanding what the face is telling us, we can not only potentially heal health issues, but in doing so, can smooth and clear our facial lines and blemishes.

If you’ve ever tried Fasting you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

When we Fast our bodies redirect the energy that is usually used in digesting our food into healing and repairing.

A period of Fasting (when done correctly) can show up externally as a more glowing complexion, clearer eyes, pinker tongue and clearer/smoother skin.

Not only does Fasting work physically, but it also cleanses us emotionally; releasing stuck emotions and eventually gifting us greater physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The truth is that what we choose to, or (just as importantly) not to, put into our bodies is vitally important when it comes to how we feel, our energy levels and ultimately how we look.

Choosing a more healthful lifestyle not only increases vitality and longevity, but it can actually give us a more Youthful appearance.

For example, dark shadows under the eyes can relate to the kidneys and the lines that run from our noses to the mouth can represent the colon.

Botox has become huge these last few years and is used by many as a temporary fix to help them to look Young, but did you know that Botox; despite it’s glamorous persona, actually started it’s life termed “sausage poison”?

Yes,  it really did and No, it doesn’t sound quite so glamourous when you look at it like that now does it?

Botox was discovered after people died from eating sausages through a poison that paralysed their bodies and eventually the heart and the word “Botox” is actually short for “botulinum toxin”, which was the name given to this poison at the time.

So, it appears in our modern Era filled with all the wonders of modern ‘quick fixes’ people are actually injecting themselves with botulism to simply suppress an amazing health barometer (the face).

How about we make a deal right now?

How about you go to a mirror and look at your face. Not as a way to put yourself down nor to berate all of the things that you dislike, but instead thank your face.

Thank your face for its wisdom.

We all have a choice when it comes to our health.

We can look for ‘quick fixes’ or we can honour our bodily wisdom and do the work.

This isn’t about looking twenty when we’re in our forties, but it is about reaching our later years in the best shape that we can be in and when our face gives us a sign; cherishing it and working with it.

Of course, Youthfulness isn’t just about looks.

What would you LOVE to do with your life right now? Are you actually doing it?

If you answered “No” to the latter question You may want to ask Yourself why?

Doing what we love keeps us feeling Young and vibrant. Holding back through fear can restrict our World, make life seem less than awesome and it can actually age us.

So in a quiet moment have a go at re-connecting with what Your heart is Yearning for. You can meditate on it, write about it, draw it or go for a walk and think about it.

But, don’t suppress it.

Is there a step that you can do to begin to actualise this desire into your life?

This weekend we have the New Moon in Taurus. Perhaps in the lead up to Saturday you can spend some time contemplating what you’d like to begin under the beams of this New Moon.


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  1. really enjoyed reading this blog. Yes Yes Yes to Youthfulness

    1. … Yay!! and to great health 😊 xo❤️

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