Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

This week we see our second Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2016.

Mercury will turn retrograde on 29th April at 03:19:40 am here in Brisbane (AEST).  Click here for a timezone converter to show you the local time in your city.

Mercury is spending the majority of his retrograde time this year in the Earth signs so 2016 is all about reviewing how we attend to the practical and the material within our lives.

In short, when Mercury turns retrograde (seemingly moves backwards from our view here on planet Earth) we need to be mindful that we:

  • Check and re-check our actions
  • Re-read any forms that require our understanding; especially those requiring signatures
  • Be prepared to re-do whatever is now appearing flawed
  • Are watchful of the way that we communicate with others, as there may be lessons around clarity.
  • Are prepared for delays. It’s sometimes helpful to leave a little early when travelling to avoid stress if we meet with a traffic build up
  • Place orders on time or, ideally, a little earlier to ensure that our goods arrive on time

This time, he’s backtracking through slow and steady Taurus so you may have to slow things down a little and take the time to smell the roses.

Taurus is the Earth sign that tends to be most associated with planet Earth.Therefore, we may find ourselves reassessing/reviewing our impact upon the Earth.

Are we mindful of how we use her resources? Do we value her?

For example, are we aware of the true source/content of our food – Is this grown from the Earth in a natural, organic way and therefore, beneficial and nurturing to our physical bodies?

Do we use natural and chemical-free self care products that help not hinder our bodies?

If you already have my free E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” then remember to look at where this falls within your chart. This will help you with regards to the personal area of your life that is up for a little reassessment.

If you don’t yet have my free E-book you can get it here.

Mercury will be moving from 23 to 14 degrees of Taurus so look which house or houses this relates to and look for any planets between 14 and 23 degrees; especially of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), as these will be the most affected.

Here’s an idea of the type of personal matters that could come to the fore under this retrograde:

  1. Taurus rules the throat chakra so being aware of this energetic centre and the way that you express yourself (communicate your heart to others). Sing, Write, Paint, Speak – do more of whatever form of communication you love. If you feel a sore throat coming on, this could be a sign that you need to speak your truth. Issues related to the jaw, throat, neck, thyroid and chin may also relate to an imbalance in the throat chakra.
  2. Does your current financial situation feel secure? Are you attending to financial matters in a timely fashion and looking after your assets? If you have overlooked something; such as a bill or a tax payment then it is likely to come up during this period.
  3. Do you treasure and express gratitude for what you have/your possessions? Do you enjoy and nurture your physical body? Do you explore each of your senses with love? For example; hearing through music, touch through holding others, tasting delicious food, smelling the scent of flowers, speaking loving words/singing, seeing the beauty that surrounds you. Indulging your body with massages, nourishing self-care products.
  4. Does the current state of your body enable you to live a healthy and vital life or could you review your current diet/exercise regime and greater nourish yourself?
  5. Is there an area of life where you have become too rigid and that now requires a shake up/new life be blown into it?
  6. Are you making time to enjoy your unique idea of beauty; be it nature, Art, jewellery…
  7. Do you need to go over something so that you understand it more thoroughly; like a contract or a piece of coursework?
  8. Is your house in need of some self-care (renovation); perhaps to enhance its beauty or perhaps a makeover in the garden?
  9. Do you make regular time to connect in a sensual way with your partner?
  10. Are you attending to the practical matters when it comes to following and manifesting your dreams?
  11. Are you taking the time to nourish the inner God/Goddess; perhaps through meditation or Yoga?
  12. Have you been mindful of friendships this year or do you need to be more reliable and make time for those you care about?
  13. Are you living a sustainable and Earth-Friendly life?



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