What depths are being illuminated for you this week?

This Friday we have our Full Moon in Scorpio. What depths are being illuminated for you this week?

The Full Moon tends to bring matters to a head and it can also bring things that may have been previously hidden into our awareness.

Scorpio energy is deep, often private and intense.

In Scorpio we confront base energy – those dark, powerful emotions that we often do not wish to associate ourselves with; such as rage, lust, jealousy, shame or misuse of power.

Always look below the surface of these emotions. What is the true cause?

For example, when we feel jealous it is often because we feel insecure. Speaking about our fears or journaling them can often release their hold upon us.

This is a week when the unicorns may find themselves a tad flustered. When we have to acknowledge that the World is not always smiley and light.

Mars and Pluto are both the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio so the rulers of this Full Moon and both are currently retrograde.

What is under review? What is being/has been unearthed?

Mars in Sagittarius is seeking truth. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming the very foundations of our society; uprooting all that has been previously hidden.

It could be an interesting week in the News.


With the Moon on Scorpio 3: “Neighbours Help In A House Raising Party In A Small Village” we may need to call upon others to assist in some way with making a change of some sort.
Perhaps even with ‘being the change’.

With the Moon sitting conjunct the Black Moon in Libra partnership issues could arise; especially with Pluto square to Uranus and Venus in Aries in play in the Full Moon chart. It may be hard to keep quiet about old resentments this week.

What needs to be aired?

Perhaps issues around the suppression of the feminine will come to the fore in some way in the World around us; perhaps through domestic violence, an imbalance of equality in partnerships or through the suppression of our indigenous people and their innate wisdom.

Some of us may be working to take a stand against these darker elements of the society that we live in, in a bid to help create peaceful resolutions for those affected.

With the Moon trine to Neptune (which is in opposition to Jupiter) we may be feeling heightened idealism and an intensified compassion for others.

Neptune on Pisces 12: “An Examination of Initiates In The Sanctuary of An Occult Brotherhood” indicates that we may feel called upon to offer ourselves in service. To work with others for something greater than ourselves; perhaps under the guidance of those who have gone before us.

Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn on Sagittarius 16: “Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship Looking For Food”, which warns us to be discerning about whom we are helping. What are their motivations?

For example, if we give financial assistance to charities do we know where the money is being spent and is this in accord with our own morals and beliefs? Is the charity heart-based or opportunistic to the good nature of others?

Jupiter on Virgo 14: “Finely Lettered Names And Mysterious Lines Are Seen; It Is A Family Tree” also squares Mars (along with Neptune) on Sagittarius 9: “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up The Stairs”.

This indicates that there may be a need to look out for the younger members of our families. To ensure that they are receiving the support and guidance that they require and that we are doing our best to protect them and to help them to feel heard.

Note if anyone in your family  or friendship circle(s) appears withdrawn at this Full Moon and encourage them to speak their emotions if it is applicable.

Mercury (planet of communication) is on Taurus 22: “A White Dove Flying Straight And Fearlessly Over Troubled Waters”. Indicating that speaking up may help them to find their peace.


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