Australian Mother’s Day





It’s almost time for Mother’s Day here in Australia.

How would you like to ‘treat’ your Mum?


-> Lemon ReNew is a beautiful exfoliating body and facial scrub infused with the scent of Lemon essential oil.

As well as leaving her skin soft, cleansed and smooth this scrub will give Mum the wake up call she needs each morning; invigorating and empowering her to move through her day.


-> Golden Relief is not only sparkly and golden, it’s a versatile and powerful natural remedy. Made from organic seeds, flowers, oils and essences it can be used:

  • To Relieve Symptoms of: Sinus, Stuffy Nose, Asthma, Insect Bite Relief, Stomach Pain, Motion Sickness
  • As: Insect Repellent
  • To help you to stay alert on long journeys
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1 thought on “Australian Mother’s Day

  1. I love the lemon renew and buy it for family and friends in England when I return from Australia.

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