Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness V is for Victim

Mother Earth Astrology’s Tuesday Tip Off

– V is for Victim

How empowered are you within your life?

Do you choose to take responsibility for what is occurring around you or do you find yourself blaming others when things don’t go to plan?

Being empowered means that we own what is happening to us; that we understand that we have the power to change our circumstances.Having an attack of _the grumps__

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to do so, but it does stop us from wallowing in a negative ‘woe be me’ frame of mind and strutting around in our grumpy pants.

For example:

If a man sets off for work for an early morning shift, drives into the garage, fills up with petrol and then realises that his bank account is empty and he has no credit in his phone to top it up. Who’s fault is it?

Is it really anyone’s fault? Perhaps it is a nudge from the Universe that he may need to be more organised or perhaps it’s a little more than that?

Perhaps the man uses the phone at the garage in an attempt to get his wife to transfer him some money.

If his wife is sleeping (maybe she’s been up most of the night attending to their baby) she may have her own phone on silent and she may not answer his call. Again, is this anyone’s fault?

Simple answer is no-one (in my opinion) is to blame for any of these circumstances, but we do have a choice as to how we handle them.

If we experienced a strict parent or teacher in our childhood we could be more susceptible to blaming. As a child this may have been a protection mechanism. The question in the current circumstance is: “Is this reaction still appropriate now”?

We may also find that we berate ourselves in such conditions. “I’m so stupid, how could I let that happen!”

Well, let me tell you that you’re really not stupid. These situations happen to all of us at some point (well, except for some Sagittarians who are especially renowned for their luck ;))

If we’re really clever about it we’ll choose to see a lesson in our circumstances whilst also being kind to ourselves – everyday is a school day after all 😉

So what lessons could the man take from his trip to the garage?

  • He could become more efficient by either
    • Filling up with petrol the day before; perhaps ensuring the car is always topped up rather than letting it run low
    •  Always ensuring that his mobile phone has enough credit or maybe transfer to a mobile phone contract.
    • Checking his bank account more regularly
    • Installing a home phone that is used for emergencies or perhaps ensuring that his wife always has her phone on, but turns it low in the night.

Bonus: All of the top three points are, incidentally, increasing the man’s Feng shui credits in the area of abundance so extra awesome there 😉

The other valuable lesson, of course, is in how we react to such circumstances. How did the man treat the petrol station attendant? How did he talk to his wife (when he eventually got home)? How did his self talk respond?

If he responded negatively,  did he then choose to carry the tone of the morning right the way through his day; into his working environment, into his journey home, into his family life?

With Saturn currently retrograde and Mars set to follow him into ‘seemingly backwards’ motion over the weekend we may all be about to get a few lessons in patience and tolerance.

Those of us who may be feeling frustrated, blocked and thwarted are likely to find this a more difficult course to navigate.

So here’s a heads up and some advice that we may all need to follow over the next few weeks:

  • Slow Down
  • Meditate
  • Tune into your natural rhythm
  • Listen to what the Universe is whispering to you – what is trying to get your attention?
  • Note any feelings of resentment or anger that are bubbling up inside of you – what is the real reason? Where does something need to change? Do you need to be honest with someone? Do you need to be in your truth?
  • The sign of Sagittarius is boundless so make sure that if you’re about to let loose at someone that they truly deserve it. Is the current situation really deserved of such an enormous response or have they (or the circumstance) triggered a past pain point?
  • Is someone really deserved of our judgement or do we need to own our own stuff?
  • Sagittarius is also a sign of freedom so with Saturn (sign of restriction) and Mars (sign of action; until he’s retrograde) both in this sign we may need to be aware that there is huge potential for donning the grumpy pants in the coming weeks.

I’ll be sending out my Mars retrograde post later in the week.

I’ll be sharing some tips on how to up your ‘self-empowerment barometer’ in this week’s newsletter. You can subscribe here.

Stay Tuned,

Toria xo






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