For the Love of Mum

 When I was a little girl I used to regularly write letters to my parents.

Even at the age of six I would write and thank them for everything that they did for me.

I was also quite a deep and serious child and I would often write asking them not to die, which thankfully, they’ve both complied with to date.

This has been no mean feat mind you for my Mum who so far to date has survived  a nervous breakdown, a near-death drowning, a brain haemorrhage, a crazy 3 years as my Dad’s sole carer (surviving on a mere 2 hours sleep most nights), some high risk adventures (it’s my mum in the pic) and an insane appetite for food, which isn’t always of the ‘healthful choice’.

I am very lucky that, despite the miles, my Mum makes it out to Australia once every 2 years to pay us a visit and in my quest to keep her going that little bit longer I make it my mission to fill her with as much nourishing food and healthy knowledge as I possibly can.

During her last visit, my Mum completed a 3-day water fast and drank green smoothies every morning for 3-weeks running for breakfast. She even started walking around the block, which I’m happy to say she’s continued with since returning home, thanks to my sister injuring her knee and being unable to walk the dogs (thanks, sis 😉 ).

With all that,  I’m hoping she’s reset the ticker for a good bit longer and that we can continue to enjoy her visits for years to come.

Mother’s Day may be touted as ‘commercial’ by some, but often it does give us that extra little nudge to do something thoughtful. To take a step out of our busy busy life and to honour the special lady that bought us into this World.

This Mother’s Day why not take that little bit of extra care and check the ingredient list of the items that you purchase for your Mum?

Do you understand the list or is it chock-full of long names that you have no idea how to pronounce?

When we understand that the skin is the largest eliminatory organ of the body; helping us to release toxins alongside the kidneys, intestines, liver and lungs we also understand that what we put onto it really matters.

Do we really want Mum to be slathering a potentially nasty chemically-filled product all over one of the ‘filth-fighting five’ or do we want to help that member of Mum’s ‘hero-team’ to get those pollutants out of her quick smart; to give our Mum her best chance of glowing well into her more mature years?

That packaging may look amazing and the advertisement may well show a gorgeous female promoting just how awesome it is, but is advertising all it’s cracked up to be?

What about those fresh-faced, slim, young adults, who appear on our screens promoting pizza and well-known 24-hour fast-food outlets? Do they really eat it and, if they do, how long will they continue to look that way?

That’s why I love and sell Don Tolman’s products.

Don is passionate about empowering people to get healthy. The kind of health that radiates.

I know that every ingredient he uses is ethical and natural and that every product has been created to help our bodies do what they need to do. The best bit is that they also smell and feel divine and they leave me feeling that way too.

Products; such as ReNew Salt Scrub are hand made from ethically-sourced, food-based ingredients – and I’m talking real food. Not something that is found in the freezer department of the local supermarket and labelled as ‘food’.

So why not treat Mum the right way this Mother’s Day and help her on the path to vitality?

You never know, with the right self-care routine, she may be around for even longer and I know that I for one would love that.

You can find Mum’s treats here 🙂










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