Time to Get Honest with Ourselves (Saturn Retrograde – Energy Update)

Is there something that you have been reassessing lately? Perhaps it’s something that you thought was okay and was working, but since late March (when Saturn stationed-retrograde) you’ve begun to notice the flaws?  Perhaps you’re feeling a little antsy about it? Could you just leave it as it is? My guess is – “probably not if you want to feel content about it”.

This period can appear to be almost a step backwards.

This might be something physical; like a building project or something personal that is requiring work; like our communication skills.

We can feel frustrated that we are not making as much progress as we hoped that we were, when in fact, rather than being a delay tactic, it is often an indicator that there is a better way of doing something; that there is something more that you can do/offer/create that will improve upon the status quo; this something could actually enrich your life.

Remember – Saturn is the planet of manifestation. What within your life is not as you would like it to be? Are you feeling restricted somewhere? What is frustrating you? Perhaps even getting you down?

What are the events within your life showing you? What matters to you and are you doing/living it?

Do you want to change something, but have realised (perhaps with some level of annoyance) that it’s not going to be a quick-fix solution or perhaps it’s something that is requiring that you change something about yourself and it all just feels too hard at the minute? Maybe a little scary?

Saturn is the planet of time after all, and to create something fabulous will certainly require effort and time and that we dig deep.

Rather than seeing this as a time of burden, hopelessness and disappointment how about we turn it around. Saturn is now back-tracking over the degrees that he has been moving through since late December and, in that, he is re-traversing a portion of our lives.

Therefore, let’s see this as a second chance. A chance to rise to the occasion and to get it right this time.

The effect of Saturn’s retrograde can apply to anything within your life (i.e. relationships, work/career, children, home, family, psychological self). The personal effect of this retrograde will depend upon where he is currently transiting (moving through) your natal chart and whether he is contacting other points (i.e. Planets, Sun, Moon) within your chart.

If you have a copy of your natal chart and my free Ebook: ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness‘ you can check the following:

  • Which house or houses is Saturn moving through? (Saturn will move backwards from 16 degrees 24 seconds Sagittarius to 9 degrees and 46 seconds of Sagittarius during his retrograde motion).
    • What are the themes of that house or those houses?
  • Do you have an planets at the same degree of Saturn – currently 16 degrees?
    • If so, what do those planets represent within your life? – (You can look at the Planet and Sign Keywords in the document).
    • What are the themes of the houses where the planets reside?

You can also follow the meditation at the end of the document; meditating on the planet Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius.

This point in the Saturn cycle can see us feeling resistant to change. The meditation may throw something interesting up around this point.

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