The Healing Power of Tea Tree Essential Oil

T is also for Tea Tree 🌿

Tea Tree Essential Oil is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal 💚

It is Totally Terrific for Treating insect bites 🐜, which is something
much needed when you live in a country 🌏renowned for insects.

Here in Brisbane a green ant 🐜bite can be nasty 😩 and can sometimes result in swelling.

The last time this happened to me I ran a shallow foot bath, added pink 💓 salt to it, and applied one dab of neat Tea Tree to my foot in some coconut oil. I then sat with my foot 👣 in the bath.

Within seconds I could feel the relief 🙂 and the swelling soon abated.

I’ve also used Tea Tree 🌿 oil successfully to Treat Mastitis after my
Aromatherapy massage therapist recommended it’s use in this capacity.
One neat drop 💧applied to the affected nipple can bring about quick relief and healing 💚

Be sure to wash it away before baby’s 👶🏼 next feed if this is something you wish to Try 👍🏻

It may also help to have a go at expressing some milk from the affected breast in a warm bath 🛀🏻 or using a warm face cloth to relieve the block (which is what I’d been doing before my massage).

Tea Tree oil can also be successfully used in home cleaning products 🏡 and it is a powerful ally to remedy cuts, colds, coughs and flu 😤

Don Tolman’s Tea Tree oil is 100% pure and organic and a little goes a long way 💚🌿


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