T is for Trinity

Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness

T is for Trinity

The word ‘Trinity’ is derived from Two Terms – Tri meaning Three and unity meaning one.

It is a Term used to portray how Three elements can make up a whole.

Those who follow religion use it to explain God in The sense of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

In Astrology, we use the Term Trinity To define the placement of a person’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising Sign).

These Three elements describe a great deal about a person and can give a
strong understanding of That person’s unique blueprint.

Most of
us will already know our Sun sign, as it is The sign in which the Sun
fell on our birth date.  It is also what popular Astrology uses. Your
Sun sign is essentially what is used in Newspapers and on coffee mugs to
denote information about you.

The Sun is our essence. It Tells
us where we shine in life and it gives information as to the Type of
fathering that we received.
We develop the qualities of our Sun sign
as we grow. The more we develop and become our Sun the more fulfilled
we feel and the greater light we are able to shine out at The World.

The Moon is our emotional nature. It Tells us what our basic needs are,
how we can nurture ourselves and gives information as to the Type of
mothering That we received.

The Ascendant is our rising sign;
The sign that was appearing over the horizon as we entered The Earth.
The Ascendant denotes how we embrace new situations and how we present
ourselves To The World.

It is said That Through developing The
characteristics of The Ascendant we find The path To our essence;
ultimately attaining fulfillment.


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