Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2016 – Timeline

An understanding of the different phases of the Mercury Retrograde Phase can help you make the best of this time.

You may wish to print out this guide and use it for reference.

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Shadow Period (August 10th to 30th August):

Mercury (travelling direct (in forward motion) passed 14 degrees and 49 seconds of Virgo on 10th August 2016.

This is the point at which Mercury’s backward journey will eventually cease and it is termed the ‘shadow period’.

This lead up (from now until Mercury turns retrograde) can give insight as to what is going to require a revisit of your attention over the coming weeks.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is Virgo 15: “A Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief”, which once again raises the suggestion of ‘attention to detail’. What final details now need to be put into place?

Are you making the time for self care despite all the hard work?

If not, you could find yourself feeling sensitive or uptight now.

Remember to keep things in balance and remember that great, intricate work takes time. There is no rush.
This could be a great time to indulge yourself with Yoga or a nature walk.


As Mercury begins to slow down in preparation to retrograde you may start to feel a turning inward of your mind and may find external communication more challenging.

The first half of the Mercury Retrograde phase is ideally spent as a period of review and paying attention to one’s heightened intuition.


Mercury turns Retrograde (August 30th) signalling ‘Time to Reflect and to Relinquish the Past’:

Mercury will turn retrograde at 29 degrees and 4 seconds of Virgo on 30th August at 11:04pm (AEST).

This is a good time to meditate and to attune to the energy, as it can be felt strongly at this time.

What will it mean for you?

Between now and September 13th, be prepared for some frustration.

What delays are you now experiencing?

What needs Revisiting/Rework?

What is arising around you and within you and requiring your attention?

Mercury’s Retrograde frequently brings a slowing of forward motion and can halt certain projects altogether so beware of “Pushing your Rock Uphill” during this phase and remain flexible.

Contemplation around what needs to be relinquished from your life may prove a great use of your time during this phase, as the Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s Retrograde point is: Virgo 30 “Having An Urgent Task To Complete, A Man Doesn’t Look To Any Distractions”.

This indicates the need for increased focus and a letting go of surplus activity.

What goal(s) are you working on? What can you let go of to ensure that this is achieved?

What lessons can be learnt?

Perhaps the following strategies can help to keep you on track:

  • Writing a To Do list
  • Setting and Adhering to Deadlines
  • Unsubscribing from Surplus Emails
  • Saying “No” to distractions
  • Reconnecting with your “Why” (i.e. Why am I doing this?)
  • Removing all ‘bad’ food from the cupboards if your goal is a health one

Contemplate/Research and Prepare for the New (September 13th to September 22nd):

Now is a great time for research, refinement, the gathering of resources and laying the foundations for what is to come.

Explore options, test waters and remain flexible in relation to any new ideas that you now have.

Despite a sense of urgency, Trust and Surrender are necessary at this time.

Remember to rest, reflect and recharge despite any impatience that you may be feeling.

Allow those ideas and plans to percolate.

Keep balanced and be aware of that Virgo tendency to anxiety and overwork that may creep in.

Remember to tune in, meditate and align yourself with Cosmic timing so that you can navigate this period with more ease and flow.


Mercury turns Direct signalling Action (22nd September to 28th October):

Mercury will once again turn Direct on 22nd September when he reaches 14 degrees and 49 seconds of Virgo signalling a period of action.

If you have prepared well then now is the time to act on instinct and to implement those required changes.

This can be a highly productive and creative period when you can finally implement all the plans that have been brewing since Mercury first turned retrograde.

How easy that it is for you to action those changes is dependent on how tuned in you have been with the Mercury Retrograde cycle.



Fruition (October 28th to December 19th):

This is the period when your projects, ideas and actions mature; bringing forth the full implications of what occurred during the ‘Action’ phase.

The mind is once again aligned with the practical, with social responsibilities and forethought will be once again at the helm of any actions.

This phase marks the ‘completion’ period of the current Mercury retrograde.


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